Urs Wear Bear

Urs Wear Bear

I try to write this article a lot of times, but my life have change so much in the latest months, that to be honest i even questioned the existence of this website. Yes, I definitely love to take pictures…

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Cazzo: Intimate masculine photography.

We deeply believe that every-body is beautiful.

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In case you don’t know… we have an online store with our T-shirt. Probably this summer I’ll be designing way more models. Do you already have one? Go for yours at: cazzo.threadless.com

Erotic market

Last February 13 and 14 (2019) was the Erotic Art Fair, it was my second time showcasting and selling some postcards there… what a great experience, a lot of great energy and artist together.

Going out

I’m so exited to go out an take pictures, today I went to pick up my bike… finally spring is here! are you a model, send me a message and let’s take some pictures.

El fútbol

A random post:

El fútbol

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We have being taking pictures since May 2014, so there's more than 100 sessions.

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Because Instagram, neither Tumblr likes our content, I decided that if you want to follow our content, is better that you just come to our website, or we will send you an email every-time we publish a new session.