Is undeniable, these are very weird times, we have try to keep things in calm, drinking a lot of wine, continue working and to keep the concentration. I know, is not the same for everybody, but that what makes everything…

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Cazzo: Intimate masculine photography.

We deeply believe that every-body is beautiful.

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Home studio

Testing the studio at home is been definitely something amazing! Can’t wait to have people over to make a session ✌🏻


I feel last year was so amazing, so full of changes for me… had the chance to travel a lot for work and pleasure… I got over a lot of anxiety and self esteem issues… now I feel happy and proud to be able to post a picture like this… just me, naked, in nature.

Hopefully Covid-19 will finish soon to be able to enjoy life again!

Instagram accounts I love

Just wanted to create some extra content in this difficult time… just as a warning, the accounts I’ll share now are not related to us, but i really love the content their publish.

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We have being taking pictures since May 2014, so there's more than 100 sessions.

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Because Instagram, neither Tumblr likes our content, I decided that if you want to follow our content, is better that you just come to our website, or we will send you an email every-time we publish a new session.

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