Seems like this winter is being couple pictures! after waiting so much to find one, now if the tirth one I have done this year... and I hope more gonna come. We already meet one of the models in this…

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Cazzo: Intimate masculine photography.

We deeply believe that every-body is beautiful.

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This picture is probably from November, or early December, it was a great day! We end up naked with Max in the snow next to the river, this was just some minutes before.

Bathroom selfie

Lately I’m getting addicted to selfies in the bathroom, do you have some? Post yours on instagram with the hashtag #cazzocl

Dark black

I was exited to test this kinda of very dark black and gray picture… In the new iPad looks great, but I feel depends too much on the quality of the screens.

Foodie Bear

A random post:

Foodie Bear

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We have being taking pictures since May 2014, so there's more than 100 sessions.

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