Warranty Agreement Format

April 14th, 2021

Warranty Agreement Format

This document describes the limited warranty agreement (“guarantee”) of the distribution agency Noxion B.V. (`Noxion`) for the purchase of Noxion LED lights in Europe from January 2016 (`buyers`). If you give a guarantee, make a big statement. A warranty agreement is proof that you truly believe in your product. And if you`re the buyer, it can be the safety net that encourages you to take that leap. Making a big purchase is a big deal. You want to make sure you`re investing in a quality product. What happens if it breaks next month? What if it`s just a small problem, but labour costs go through the roof? You deserve a product that is guaranteed. Many manufacturers are offering this promise.

A warranty contract can be a vote of confidence that benefits the manufacturer and the buyer. If a warranty is warranted, Noxion will cover the shipping costs. Noxion may be charged to the customer for returned products that are not deemed defective or non-compliant, in addition to the associated shipping, testing and processing costs. The agreement is subject to the following conditions and conditions (“limited guarantee”). Noxion is not required to inform the buyer or future buyer after a given date of any changes or the inequity of this limited warranty with respect to the products delivered (hereafter referred to as “products”). The warranty, as described below, is subject to the conditions described below and is subject to the terms attached to this document (“limited guarantee”). This guarantee applies only to a sales contract between Noxion and the buyer if the contract is referred to. This is a limited guarantee, which excludes, among other things, installation, access to products (scaffolding, elevators, etc.) and special, random and consequential damage (such as losing revenue/profits, property damage or other costs that have not been mentioned previously) and remains defined by the restrictions and conditions set out in the respective guarantee agreement and the present conditions.

In accordance with the conditions of the limited warranty, the buyer has the right to guarantee during the current period.

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