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Just wanted to create some extra content in this difficult time… just as a warning, the accounts I’ll share now are not related to us, but i really love the content their publish.

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#horny at home

In reaction to the COVID-19, let’s peole have some material to look at…

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Érase una vez que una tarde fresca de verano, tan típico del sur, que camino a casa desde la casa de una amiga, veo cómo varios jóvenes juegan con un balón que en vez de rodar por el piso lleno de polvo volaba entre las manos de ellos. Eso fue algo que me llamó la atención.

Pero no le di vital importancia.

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In case you don’t know… we have an online store with our T-shirt. Probably this summer I’ll be designing way more models. Do you already have one? Go for yours at:

Erotic market

Last February 13 and 14 (2019) was the Erotic Art Fair, it was my second time showcasting and selling some postcards there… what a great experience, a lot of great energy and artist together.

Going out

I’m so exited to go out an take pictures, today I went to pick up my bike… finally spring is here! are you a model, send me a message and let’s take some pictures.


Maybe is because winter is done, but lately I feel a lot getting naked for a picture in every bathroom I enter… and well, specially at the gym.


This picture is probably from November, or early December, it was a great day! We end up naked with Max in the snow next to the river, this was just some minutes before.

Bathroom selfie

Lately I’m getting addicted to selfies in the bathroom, do you have some? Post yours on instagram with the hashtag #cazzocl

Dark black

I was exited to test this kinda of very dark black and gray picture… In the new iPad looks great, but I feel depends too much on the quality of the screens.

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