February 29th, 2020


I met Patrick a few weeks ago at the Stud (the main bear bar in Montreal). He asked me if I was into pee, looking at my yellow laced Dr Martens. I asked him:Why? Are you into it?

– Yeah, I’m into everything.
– Ok? Can you define everything?
– He started laughing and we kinda stop the conversation there.

I was curious and contacted him again via Instagram the following day, just to ask him what being into everything really meant, but also with some idea about proposing him an interview/photo session… He agreed and… Here we are.

Lucky me… the first he prepared when I got in the house was… coffee!

His house showed some of the inspirational artists he likes. It made me remember about the work of Bearpadshop – which I sadly forgot the name after Instagram deleted my previous account.

Quickly after coffee we jumped in his Adult Room

First, we looked at the rubber

We talked about the colors and their meaning, how comfortable it feels on the body, how to take care of it… In fact, I was actually surprised by how beautiful it looks after he applied silicone based lube over it.

He also showed me Bizarrobear, one his favorite instagram accounts…

He also showed me his favourite toys…

First, the Magic Wand (vibrator) that… to be honest, he mostly uses for neck and upper back massages these days. But still explained me how to use it on someone’s dicks and body during a bondage session.

We also talked about pain, pleasure and desire.

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