Is undeniable, these are very weird times, we have try to keep things in calm, drinking a lot of wine, continue working and to keep the concentration. I know, is not the same for everybody, but that what makes everything…

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Cazzo: Intimate masculine photography.

We deeply believe that every-body is beautiful.

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Just wanted to create some extra content in this difficult time… just as a warning, the accounts I’ll share now are not related to us, but i really love the content their publish.

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#horny at home

In reaction to the COVID-19, let’s peole have some material to look at…

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Érase una vez que una tarde fresca de verano, tan típico del sur, que camino a casa desde la casa de una amiga, veo cómo varios jóvenes juegan con un balón que en vez de rodar por el piso lleno de polvo volaba entre las manos de ellos. Eso fue algo que me llamó la atención.

Pero no le di vital importancia.

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El fútbol

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